Thursday, December 10, 2009


So, in one of my first school photos my hair is visibly tangled, my clothes are rumpled, and my grin is wobbly and unsure. This morning I felt like that little girl.

No matter how much I would love to be the smooth, collected, well-dressed (and well-coiffed!) career girl *slash* wonderful, attentive, loving mom, there are mornings when I feel like a rumpled, tag-a-long little girl—straddling both worlds, barely, and not doing either very well. More often than not, I am the bumbled sidekick and NOT the superhero I aspire to be.

Last night, the cats (we strongly suspect) unplugged our alarm clock. We woke this morning to Olive’s murmurings and realized that it was one hour past our standard alarm ringing time. On any other morning this would be mildly annoying but fine—completely manageable. However, THIS morning I had a conference call scheduled and had planned to be at work bright and early to finish prepping for it. (Bright and Early. Like not too far off from the time Olive woke us up. Fab.)

So, we scurried. Kyle popped in the shower, I fed Olive (who decided she only wanted half of her meal), Kyle took Olive, I popped in the shower … there was more frantic scurrying. My hair was rumpled, my make-up slap-dash, my pants have three safety pins holding them up … and Olive decided she wanted the rest of her meal as we were bundling her up to get out the door. Fab. Fab. Fab.u.lous.

Everything poured out at once. Olive lost it. I lost it. Getting our gear to the car and us out the door just seemed impossible. Thankfully, Zoe and Kyle sprang into action. They wagged and helped and staunched the flow of tears.

And I found myself sitting in the car. Surrounded by people I love and who love me. My tears were no longer flowing, but were not yet dry either. And, while frustrated and embarrassed, I knew that we would make it through the day ... that we may not individually be more than disheveled, well-meaning sidekicks, but together we make a pretty super family … we survived the morning and will go on to fight crime (and morning discombobulation) another day.

- H

P.S. – I got to the office and was able to find the info I needed in plenty of time for my call (that went quite well, thank you very much!).

P.P.S. – I cannot imagine doing this with more than our little Olive in tow or without Kyle. (Some days I CAN imagine it without Zoe, but then I come to my senses.) Whew!

P.P.P.S. – Kyle wanted me to clarify that Zoe was the one wagging (primarily) and he was the one helping. Zoe, much as we love her, is not very good at the helping. She IS a champion wag-er.

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  1. Ahhh life...I so know what you felt and the stress it creates. Glad things ended up well! Hugs, Mary