Saturday, August 28, 2010

Olive Loves to Move.

She loves walkers and rockers and objects that slide.

She recently discovered a lid to one of her toy bins is the perfect size for her backside. Riding in it was the of-the-moment game until she found the laundry basket. She struggled to climb in, so we helped. And then, Kyle pulled her 'round and 'round the room while she giggled and grinned.

Friday, August 27, 2010


First. (And a bit belated.) Kyle and I went on a double date at the Shaved Duck on one of our last Saturday evenings in St. Louis. It. Was. Wonderful. I recommend it highly to our friends still in the STL. We enjoyed ourselved thoroughly.

Second. Last weekend we were in Kansas visiting family. We met Liz and Matt's new daughter, Betsy. We celebrated Kyle's grandparents' 70th wedding anniversary.

We visited Kyle's Grandmother Thiel, who celebrated her 103rd birthday this year.

My Favorite Things.

So. This one is pure fluff.

Being as my new employer permits casual Fridays ;), I wore a new skirt to work recently.

I picked up this vintage wrap skirt while on vacation earlier this month. I will admit that I loved the skirt but wasn't entirely sure that it really was my 'style.' I mean, the apples are cute and all, but do they really say, "lawyer"?

This little vintage beauty is tons of fun. It has pockets and is a great length for errands around and casual dinner out. (And, for casual Fridays with no client meetings, it works. No matter how much I might wish, it qualifies as neither business nor business casual. Such is life.)

I would love to trace it and make 10 more (!), but my current agreement with my sewing machine goes something like this:

I agree to ask of it no more than the straight lines required of hems; it agrees to function reliably. No fancy stuff from me; no angry fits from it.

(Yup. My sewing machine has a personality. Deal with it.)

In this regard, for the time being, status quo is where I'll stay.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


So. We moved to Houston and then started running around like Tasmanian devils.

Here's the run down.

We moved. It was hot. We are bunking at my Mom and Tim's for the time being (and for a bit longer than was originally planned). (Thank You!)

We hosted a birthday party for Miss Olive. Family and friends were in attendance. A great time was had.

We went on vacation to New Mexico to celebrate my Mom's 60th (!) birthday. It was lovely. My brother, his wife and their daughter came along. My sisters and their families weren't able to make it this time (but hopefully next!). The weather was gorgeous and the terrain just beautiful. There was much laughter and relaxation by all.

Unfortunately, while we were on vacation my Mom broke her wrist and had to have surgery. She seems to be healing well, but would definitely appreciate prayers.

My sister and brother-in-law got one step closer to moving to the US from Hungary. There are tons of details to work out. (I thought moving from MO to TX was difficult.) But we are WAY excited for them to arrive on U.S. soil. (Soon!! But no pressure ...)

Kyle has traveled to TN and will be in NY some time soon. I am helping Tim prepare for some upcoming depositions and noodling on the details of my own firm. Soon, very soon.

We are now in KC visiting family to celebrate Kyle's grandparents 70th (!) wedding anniversary.

The house details are still up in the air. (Boo.)

And ... that's about it (for now).


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Because we are so proud ...


One of my favorite places (who can pick just one!?) to eat in Houston is Goode Company BBQ. It doesn't follow Kyle's rule that good BBQ places involve some element of fear, usually for your gastrointestinal security when you notice the long-term effects of smoke (as in the meat was smoked) on the decor and for your personal safety when you pull into a not necessarily savory part of town.

But one exception proves the rule. No?

OK, back to lunch. Kyle and I met for lunch one day this week at Goode Company BBQ, the location near my office on Katy Freeway, and I had a 'stuffed potato' for lunch.

It was a carb fest to be sure. But, I LOVE a potato with all the fixin's. And when you add some chopped brisket and a dousing of fabulous tangy and not-too-spicy-but-not-too-sweet sauce ... mmmm. Heaven on a plate.

Thursday, August 12, 2010



Tuesday was August 10, 2010. And we did not close on the new house. Hopefully, we will in the very near future.

In a very nutshell fashion, the new mortgage rules are tres complicated and the process will take a tad bit of extra time. Fun.

Focusing on silver linings?

1 - We will be around the house to help Mom with her wrist surgery tomorrow and her recovery thereafter.

2 - It is freakin' hot here right now; perhaps a bit of time will help ease the heat?

Other than that, we are working hard, keeping our noses to the grindstone, trying to be helpful at Mom and Tim's, enjoying Olive and Zoe, and looking forward to visits with family and a time in the not too distant future when we will have a home of our own.

I'll keep you updated!

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Favorite Things.

This may be the best photo ever. So. Cute.