Saturday, August 21, 2010


One of my favorite places (who can pick just one!?) to eat in Houston is Goode Company BBQ. It doesn't follow Kyle's rule that good BBQ places involve some element of fear, usually for your gastrointestinal security when you notice the long-term effects of smoke (as in the meat was smoked) on the decor and for your personal safety when you pull into a not necessarily savory part of town.

But one exception proves the rule. No?

OK, back to lunch. Kyle and I met for lunch one day this week at Goode Company BBQ, the location near my office on Katy Freeway, and I had a 'stuffed potato' for lunch.

It was a carb fest to be sure. But, I LOVE a potato with all the fixin's. And when you add some chopped brisket and a dousing of fabulous tangy and not-too-spicy-but-not-too-sweet sauce ... mmmm. Heaven on a plate.

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