Sunday, August 22, 2010


So. We moved to Houston and then started running around like Tasmanian devils.

Here's the run down.

We moved. It was hot. We are bunking at my Mom and Tim's for the time being (and for a bit longer than was originally planned). (Thank You!)

We hosted a birthday party for Miss Olive. Family and friends were in attendance. A great time was had.

We went on vacation to New Mexico to celebrate my Mom's 60th (!) birthday. It was lovely. My brother, his wife and their daughter came along. My sisters and their families weren't able to make it this time (but hopefully next!). The weather was gorgeous and the terrain just beautiful. There was much laughter and relaxation by all.

Unfortunately, while we were on vacation my Mom broke her wrist and had to have surgery. She seems to be healing well, but would definitely appreciate prayers.

My sister and brother-in-law got one step closer to moving to the US from Hungary. There are tons of details to work out. (I thought moving from MO to TX was difficult.) But we are WAY excited for them to arrive on U.S. soil. (Soon!! But no pressure ...)

Kyle has traveled to TN and will be in NY some time soon. I am helping Tim prepare for some upcoming depositions and noodling on the details of my own firm. Soon, very soon.

We are now in KC visiting family to celebrate Kyle's grandparents 70th (!) wedding anniversary.

The house details are still up in the air. (Boo.)

And ... that's about it (for now).


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