Friday, August 27, 2010

My Favorite Things.

So. This one is pure fluff.

Being as my new employer permits casual Fridays ;), I wore a new skirt to work recently.

I picked up this vintage wrap skirt while on vacation earlier this month. I will admit that I loved the skirt but wasn't entirely sure that it really was my 'style.' I mean, the apples are cute and all, but do they really say, "lawyer"?

This little vintage beauty is tons of fun. It has pockets and is a great length for errands around and casual dinner out. (And, for casual Fridays with no client meetings, it works. No matter how much I might wish, it qualifies as neither business nor business casual. Such is life.)

I would love to trace it and make 10 more (!), but my current agreement with my sewing machine goes something like this:

I agree to ask of it no more than the straight lines required of hems; it agrees to function reliably. No fancy stuff from me; no angry fits from it.

(Yup. My sewing machine has a personality. Deal with it.)

In this regard, for the time being, status quo is where I'll stay.

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