Sunday, January 10, 2010

Recent Happenings ...

Winter brought historic lows to St. Louis this week. Oddly, the below-zero windchills were less annoying than I expected. (Don't get me wrong. It was not 'jaunt through the park' weather, and I would really love a jaunt through the Park!)

Our weekend has been blissfully calm. We met friends for dinner on Friday, ran errands yesterday, made it to church this morning and finished a few more errands and chores this afternoon. The highlight was introducing Olive to solid (er, solid-ish) food.

She was a very good sport despite giving us some fabulous "What do you guys think you are doing?" looks.

What DO we think we are doing? We are not entirely sure, but we're figuring it out bit by bit and bringing her along for the ride.

- H

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  1. ha! i love the look she's giving you in the middle photo. :-)