Monday, April 11, 2011


We updated a few things while Russ and Rae were here recently, primarily ceiling fans (5 of them) and door hardware (I dunno, a LOT of them), but a light fixture as well.

The old doorknobs were brass colored and had seen better days.  Also, the keys had been used so many times that they were thin ... and not easily copied.  Our new knobs all look something like this:

They vary in locking mechanisms, which I now understand to mean that our closets are non-locking, our bathrooms have push/toggle locks, and our exterior doors are keyed.  It is a little thing, but the new hardware definitely adds freshness.  (And, now we have more than 2 keys to any given lock!!  And we don't have 16 different keys to the house! Ok, there weren't 16, but there were a lot of different keys.)

And the ceiling fans.  The old ones were not in great shape - two of them wheezed quite a bit before actually moving air - the third was fine, but it was a bit dark and didn't have a light.  Also, Olive's room and the guest room were fan-less.  We bought four plain, white, slightly modern fans:

The only different one was installed in the kitchen, which needed a smaller fan:

Finally, we replaced our breakfast room fixture (faux-stained glass in orange, yellow and red) with this:

It isn't fancy (in fact it is an IKEA special), but it works and it is FAR MORE our style.

Our to-do list is still miles long, but these are definitely nice steps in the right direction!

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