Saturday, April 11, 2009

Its a jungle out there ...

Several people have asked us about nursery themes ...

For awhile, I wanted a rocker covered in large graphic giraffe print. (Have I seen such an animal, er rocker? No, but I have a good - and unfortunately specific - imagination.) Also, Kyle loves monkeys - and I recently brought home a very cute stuffed monkey (that incidentally, Zoe thinks is her new best friend).

Putting these facts together, a few people have asked if we are having a jungle themed nursery. The first time it was asked I was caught off guard and went home to discuss the issue with Kyle. Now, acknowledging our apparent affinity for jungle-type animals, I am much less surprised when someone asks.

Our nursery theme is 'bright and happy' - Kyle actually prefers describing the nursery as without theme. With our art projects and the brightly colored citrusy fabrics, we think bright and happy is sufficient. (It allows us creativity within a pretty good spectrum.)

And, as for the rocker, I think we're going with bright turquoise blue or granny smith apple-ish green ... the giraffe print in my head is hard to find in reality and our citrusy fabrics don't really lend themselves to being paired with a big honkin' giraffe chair.

- H

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