Sunday, April 5, 2009

Slow slow quick quick slow ...

Spring comes fast and slow here to St. Louis (and I'm sure elsewhere too). We are eager for Spring to be here and stay. The daffodils have long since shone their faces and tulips are starting to join in the fun. But we got snow last weekend (though it melted within 24 hours) and have more in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow (it is APRIL for GOODNESS SAKES!!!).

One of the fun things for me about spring is taking the time to clean house, rearrange furniture and trade 'fall/winter' for 'spring/summer' clothes. Most of my clothes have already been 'traded' for maternity fare which wasn't nearly as much fun as digging into a box filled with spring clothes in light fabrics and bright colors. But we are definitely in full swing spring cleaning mode.

The roof, the door, and the garage are all things crossed off of our to do list, but our work preparing the house for Baby and generally maintaining the house for us continues. Kyle is almost finished repairing some of the sheetrock damaged by water on the second floor or by my overloading a shelf on the first. Having those two items taken care of and the paint repaired will be a wonderful development.

We've also played furniture fruit basket turnover this weekend. Some friends took the bed on the third floor, we moved the guest bed up to the third floor, and we picked up the crib and assembled it. (Yay!) Various other pieces were moved around, and I am adjusting quite nicely to the end results.

(This image is of the crib assembled to bassinet stage. We first assembled it to bassinet, then took it apart and built the crib stage, and then took that apart and built the bassinet. I know, we're a bit crazy.)

There are slower parts of spring for us too. We're still lingering over a new front door. (Hello, mail slots let cold air out and cold air in ... why would you think your home might be energy efficient with a big hole in the front door!) And work on the yard is still in limbo - last time we addressed that topic we waivered between an ostrich approach and a full-on wrecking ball to address that purple deck monstrosity out back. Also, things are slow because we are slow. After full work days and many work weekends, we just are not good at coming home and breaking out the paint brushes - but some day our projects will wrap up and the house will be as lovely in reality as it is in our dreams!!


  1. i think your house is already very lovely and i can't wait to see what you do with the baby's room. i love the crib!

  2. your crib sounds and looks rad!! and we really want to come see your beautiful home -- and BABY!!! -- in August or September. It's beauitful here today -- balmy. Our mini-daffodils (narcissuses?) are blooming all over the place, but our tulips are still wrapped in leaves. Hopefully by Easter...