Monday, September 21, 2009

The Maiden Voyage.

Two weekends ago, we traveled to Houston. This trip by itself is not unusual; we travel there pretty regularly to visit family. However, this was our first trip as parents ... well, our first trip with Olive and much of her accouterment.

Olive rode on an airplane for the first time. We were concerned that she would be unhappy (and fussy!), especially during take-off and landing, but she behaved like a champ! And, for the return trip, she slept all. the. way. home. As we were exiting the plane in St. Louis, one gentleman in the row behind us commented to his traveling partner, "That child did not make a peep!" Which was true - and we dearly hope she will perform equally well for future travel outings!

A few photos to document other firsts:

Olive met my Gramma, her great grandmother on my stepfather's side.

She met my stepmother, Julie.

She met my Mimi and Papa, her great grandparents on my dad's side, and quite a few of my dad's 'clan' because we were in town for my cousin Diane's wedding in Galveston.

She met my Granny and Granddaddy, her great grandparents on my mom's side as well as my mom's sister Bonnie, her husband Bob, and cousins Jonathan and Nyjah!

[photos to come]

Whew! It was a great weekend even though we all came back exhausted!

- H

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  1. Hooray for successful airplane travel; you are brave!!! Now you're ready for a "slightly" longer little plane trip to see us...right? right? xoxo