Friday, October 2, 2009

A little photo update ...

I've been a little short of words lately - so here are a few photos to fill in some of the gaps. There are more to come, but time at the computer is a bit hard to come by these days. Our little Olive continues to grow and flourish. She has had many adventures and even more visitors.

Our little one reminded me of Forest Gump the other day ... He and Jenny were "like peas and carrots"

There was a great double rainbow in St. Louis last weekend (OK, so in the photo you have to look CAREFULLY for the second rainbow. In person it was spectacular. People were coming out of their homes to get a better view.)

Olive is getting better at holding her head up and sitting up (a little bit - with the help of this 'fancy' green chair).

Olive loves her Daddy. She loves her Mommy too, but as gifts and in stores the Daddy outfits prevail!

We'll post more as we have free moments at the computer!

- H

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