Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Will we be bored when we have a free weekend?

This weekend brought us more visitors! My sister, Jen, her husband, Ben, and their daughter, Sophia were in town for several days. They stayed with some of their friends who recently moved to St. Louis, and we were lucky enough to get some of their time too!

Saturday we enjoyed a picnic in Forest Park. It was very cloudy, but we were spared the rain. We all enjoyed yummy picnic fare, even Sophia who tried to smuggle whole grapes and cherry tomatoes into her cheeks! Our little spread was cast on a slight incline which was most noticeable to Sophia who, as a relatively new walker, struggled with gravity.

We caught up with Aunt Jen, Uncle Ben, and Cousin Sophia again on Monday. We intended to take the train downtown to visit Kyle at work and see the new sculpture park. However, our babies had other plans. Olive decided to have a marathon eating session, and Sophia was able to catch a few much needed ZZZ's on the soft rug in Olive's room. The adults chatted and relaxed and enjoyed a tasty roast chicken dinner, which in the end was a perfect way to spend the afternoon and evening!

Also this weekend, my Dad came through St. Louis after a business trip in Chicago. We picked him up at the airport on Saturday evening, spent a lazy Sunday morning at the house, and enjoyed an afternoon at the St. Louis Wine Festival before Dad returned to Houston that evening. Sunday was beautiful - temperate and sunny - and the festival was held at the base of Art Hill in Forest Park. It was a real treat. We even attended a food pairing demonstration/tasting put on by the new owners of AB. They poured generous tastes of Hoegarden, Stella Artois, and Leffe. Yum. Yum. Very Yum.

Why was there beer at the wine festival? We still aren't sure, but the beer was our favorite part!

- H

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