Sunday, November 8, 2009

Olive and the Butterfly

Olive seems to change every time we blink! She has recently started showing much more interest in toys (or any brightly colored object, really). You can see her fascination (ok, fascination might be strong, but she IS interested) with the butterfly on her play mat in the video. And it is really fun see her reach for and bat at toys. Another new skill!

Today in church she was fascinated by a rattle. This was distracting to us, but also helpful--we spent significantly less time walking with her in the foyer during the service and more time in our seats! (I think we will still choose aisle seats near the back for awhile yet.)

This week we noticed a negative impact of daycare. Olive and I both fought colds! (Booo!) And, suspiciously, many of the other small people in her class were also very snotty. I am hopeful that we are both on the mending side of it, but only time will tell. For a little thing, Olive sure does make a lot of snot! And, oh my, has the drool begun! Our stash of drool bibs is coming in very handy.

That is it for now. All in all, we are getting along quite well. We hope that things are going well with all of you too!

- H

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