Monday, November 16, 2009

A week of Olive

Last week Olive and I were on our own. Kyle was in Tennessee with his building (impressing people right and left), and Zoe spent a week at doggie sleep away camp (to preserve my sanity). My cold held on with both hands, making daily tasks even more of a challenge.

BUT - we survived our brief foray into single parenthood - or life without a helpful husband like Kyle. We are both very happy to have him back home. Life is much sweeter with him around!

Because we were on our own, Olive and I had a very busy - but relatively boring - week. We made it to work or daycare every day and then made it home safe and sound. Bottles and diapers were washed - although Olive went without a bath for several days in a row. Wrestling a slippery baby single handed seemed a bit dangerous ...

Each day, I snapped a photo of our little one and sent it out to my sweetie. They aren't fancy, but here are few of them:

Post publish edit - OK, she looks very serious in all of these photos. She can smile, but she currently looks intently at my iphone/camera when I hold it in front of her. And - without Kyle - there is no one to distract her from this gaze while I snap the photos! So, it is kind of fun to know that she is concentrating on the strange mechanical device dangled above her, but also it is kind of sad not to catch so many of her smiles!

- H

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  1. Heather,

    I just now took the time to read some of your postings. You're a GREAT writer!!