Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dirt ...

Olive ate her first dirt this past weekend. Well, more precisely, she sucked on her first piece of bark. Yup, tasty.

Among our weekend chores was yard work. Kyle did the heavy lifting and machine operating, and I helped with some dead-heading and some weed pulling and some Olive-monitoring. We were sitting out front, hanging out while Kyle ran the weed-wacker. I’m not sure when Olive grabbed it, but I noticed her sucking on something. I pried open her mouth (not the easiest task) to reveal a quarter-sized piece of bark. We didn’t see her sneak it in, and we are not sure why she thought it would be appetizing. I fished it out ASAP. Thankfully, she has not experienced any ill-effects, and I am trying not to think of the chemicals lurking in that bark.

Still, she generally brushes off our attempts to offer a sippy cup. What makes a piece of lawn refuse appealing? I’m still shaking my head.

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