Sunday, May 2, 2010

It has been a little while ...

... and we've been keeping ourselves busy. We're working on some spring cleaning for the house. (Does that chore ever take the alloted time? We almost finish something and then find three more somethings to attack!) We have been keeping busy with work and other chores too.

Olive is growing like a weed! We're headed to the pediatrician next week for her nine month appointment. We'll report official stats then, but ...

- She has two teeth (on the bottom) and we're keeping an eye out for the top ones to make an entrance.

- She's starting to eat more food that isn't pureed smooth. So. We are playing with texture and 'solid' food. Tonight she gobbled down some macaroni!

- She can roll over but only when we are not around to witness. More and more frequently we find her awake in the morning on her tummy. She can 'spin' herself around in a circle, and oooch around a little bit. But she hasn't really discovered the purpose in moving around a room.

- She loves to stand up which isn't new, but she is becoming more and more stable. Also, if we stand her next to the coffee table, she'll 'walk' along ... slowly, but surely. She'll also take a few steps holding our hands ... we shall see, but she may walk before she crawls. We do want her to start moving but knowing that she won't move very far is pretty convenient ...

We did get Olive in a pool for the first time recently, and I think we have ourselves a water-loving baby. I'll put up a photo or two before too long. Also, one of our friends snapped a few 8-month photos of Olive Easter weekend. I'll find one or two to post soon.

Love to all!


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