Saturday, June 26, 2010


... a few more details about our skydive ...

Last Friday (June 18) was my last day at work here in St. Louis. I learned a lot from the firm. I worked on some really interesting projects. I made some great friends. (Ultimately, we decided that we wanted to be closer to family now that Olive is a part of our lives.) They sent me off in style:

First, the awesome pretzel:

Second, the fabulous cake: (Cake Wrecks anyone? A guilty pleasure. For. Sure.)

Thank you so much, guys!! I will miss you. (And I will definitely keep in touch.)

Since Friday, I have focused on preparations for our move to Houston.

While some pieces have fallen into place, we have many (many!) loose ends that need to be tied up.

Our next steps, you ask?

I decided against firm life to develop my own practice and work with my stepfather.

Kyle will continue working for Cannon Design on the Oakridge project - just in the Houston office rather than here in St. Louis.

We are excited about our new opportunities and the possibilities that this move will bring. (And a little scared, but that's healthy, no?)

We will keep you updated as we finalize our next steps.

- H

P.S. - I do know that July is the BEST time to move in Houston. Seriously. The absolute BEST.

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