Monday, June 28, 2010

Some Goodness From The Third Floor.

We finished our third floor painting project. At weekend's end, we were all exhausteed: sitting like zombies on the couch, knowing that it is anti-social to just stare blankly into space, but having energy for little else.

We shook it off and got some sleep.

Russ and Rae hit the road with a car full of stuff: stuff to return to a friend's dad, stuff that we intended to sell in a garage sale (but who has time for a garage sale?!?!) and stuff for their church rummage sale. (Hey. Right now I am more than happy to get stuff out of our house. We are trying to keep the items we move to 1 - stuff that belongs to us, 2 - stuff we use or 3 - stuff we LOVE. So much easier to say than do, but I am trying.)

Olive went to daycare to visit friends, enjoy yummy food, take a good nap and allow her mommy some time to work!

Kyle hopped a flight to Houston for the day. (More on that jaunt later.)

My chores for today included heading up to the third floor, rearranging the remaining furniture and snapping a few photos to show of the fabulous results of our toil.

For comparison's sake, I dug up two photos of the third floor taken shortly after we purchased this house.





(OK, the after shots were taken on my phone, so their quality is lacking, but there is a difference, no?)

Thank you, Russ and Rae, very much for all of your help and hard work! We would still be drowning in dust and paint fumes without you.

- H

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