Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Goodbye. Part III.

(An Apology)

Our last six weeks in St. Louis are a blur. We swung hammers and waived brushes (and other implements of repair and creation). We packed boxes and cleaned (and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned).

We said goodbye to a few of our friends, but, in the madness of packing up, fixing the house and leaving, we did not say goodbye properly to everyone.

I am truly sorry, because our friends made St. Louis home for us. Without you, the Lou would have been just another city to pause in on our journey. Without you, I would not have survived Kyle's time in architecture school. I would have no fond memories of Sunday afternoons gabbing and laughing with the girls over good food. We would have had no Saturday evenings spent playing speed scrabble and laughing, no shared adventures and no reconnecting with found friends. We would have had no moments to lighten and liven the work day.

Thank you. We miss you already.

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