Thursday, October 21, 2010


We are having so much fun these days.

Fall is a flurry of activity, but we are taking a few moments to slow down and enjoy where we have been, where we are, and where we are heading.

We celebrated my birthday this past weekend with a very nice evening out for Kyle and myself. Miss Olive enjoyed some grandparent time while we were out galavanting. After a wonderful dinner, we tried a new wine bar/coffee shop near our home. On Saturday, we spent time in Conroe, and we did a few chores on Sunday before heading out to dinner with my Dad. I also squeezed in a Sunday brunch with some of my law school girlfriends. It was wonderful to catch up and laugh with them.

Olive is full of smiles and laughter. She is walking more and more confidently around our house and is starting to leave one of us in search of the other. It is amazing to look up from typing madly on the computer to find her little face heading your way. She still loves her binky, and sometimes will use the baby sign for 'food' to communicate that she wants her 'binky.'

The weather is lovely (if not overly 'fall-ish'). Our neighborhood is great for evening walks, and we have started taking Olive for a stroll a few times a week. I know one day soon she will insist upon walking with us, but for now it is a very enjoyable way to wind down after busy days apart and discuss our days' activities.

We are also starting to discuss Christmas decorations for the new homestead. Apparently, our neighborhood is a tad Griswold-inclined. We want to participate in the gaity without giving ourselves over to the gaudy. We are hopeful that such a balance is indeed achievable.

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