Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We hope you had a wonderful  (er, frightful?!) Halloween!  We had a great time dressing Olive up and seeing the craziness of the day through her eyes.

Actually, Olive wore her zebra costume three times in the last two weeks!

Last Sunday afternoon, the neighborhood moms' group put on a fall festival at a local park. Olive walked all around the park. She just stared, wide-eyed at all the bigger kids, especially those with more brightly colored costumes. We did get her on one of the slides, only to laugh when the slide material + her costume material resulted in significant static electricity. Her hair stood up all over!

This past Saturday, we attended a baby shower for our friends Jen and Adam. Olive donned her costume once more - this time with a tail and bows on her ears. (The black and white costume just needed a bit of pizzazz. I whipped up a tail from some black yarn.  Then, we added her hot pink sparkle shoes and a few snips of hot pink ribbons for just the right touch.)

Olive was still not convinced that the hat was a good idea


(Yeah, I've tried to make that one upright, like, 14 times.  My mom was at the shower too, and I think this is a super cute photo.  Just tilt your head.)

On Halloween, we dressed Olive in her zebra suit to answer the door with us - and to visit a few of our neighbors. She was a hit all around. More than anything, Olive loved watching people come to our door. Each time the bell sounded, she would run to the front door and peek out while we distributed candy. (Thankfully, the volume of trick-or-treaters was high. We gave away almost all of our candy, including the few pieces Olive collected.)

A wonderful time was had by all.

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