Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ah, Jazz Brunch.

Not too long ago, Mom and Tim treated us to Sunday brunch at Brennan's.  They (the Brennan folk, not Mom and Tim) rebuilt the restaurant after a devastating fire, and the new/remodeled building is tres lovely.  Inspired by the original, but modern, chic and old fashioned all at the same time.  Quite a feat!

I was a little concerned that Olive and brunch would not agree.  I was very wrong.

Olive tried to cram whole muffins into her mouth.  (Note:  This is a before photo.)

Then, she chewed on her spoon while being enchanted by the wandering jazz band.

When her high chair grew tiresome, she walked laps around the restaurant, inside and out.  Finally, she hit her wall (and, yes, made herself comfortable in the middle of the floor for a nap) just as we were wrapping up the meal.  Perfect timing, if I do say so.

Then, she took a 3+ hour nap, allowing her grateful parents to get some work done.

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