Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Long promised photos: Living/Dining rooms.

Dining room.  Technically this is the 'formal living room,'  but we're using it for a dining room (and the original dining room as an office).

Living room.  This is our living room, and the one pre-ordained by the builder (architect?) and former owners.  We like the space, and it works for us in that capacity.

(view 1) 

(view 2)

All I can say is, "Woo.  Hoo. Wood paneling."


  1. that is a lot of wood paneling! are you going to keep it? it matches kyle's chair. it looks like you guys are getting all moved in, thanks for sharing some pictures of the new place.

    also, it's kind of strange to see you furniture in another house.

  2. I know! All these changes are wonderful, but there is a bittersweetness as we adjust from our first home together on Gibson to this new space. A few of our things just work better in that space, but, then again, there is kitchen storage ... which goes a long way.

    We miss you guys!