Thursday, November 4, 2010

More photos? Yes.

Kitchen.  Yes.  That is a pot of chili bubbling away.  We enjoyed it on Hallween evening with Mom, Tim and our friend Allison. 

This particular 'chili' might be considered sacrilege to some as (1) it was a Cooking Light recipe and (2) it contained copious amounts of vegetables, including butternut squash.  (Click here for the recipe.)  But it was tasty.  Note, however, that the recipe inexplicably calls for black olives. (Not as a garnish, which I could possibly attribute to individual taste, but as part of the basic broth.) I am not a chili purist, but, well, black olives do NOT belong in my chili.

Breakfast Nook.  We love the built-in cabinet.  Well, we love that there is a built-in cabinet here.  The scalloped edges are not our style, but storage is definitely a blessing.

Study.  Well, it is one of the rooms not really ready for public viewing, but I love this photo of Olive 'helping' Kyle get some of the clutter cleared.  She definitely loves chucking things into boxes.  Some of our items intended for Half Price Books may no longer be worthy of sale, having been chucked with some vigor.

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