Friday, November 5, 2010

Still more photos.

Yes.  There are more photos.  I went on a bit of a cleaning, straightening and then photo snapping spree this weekend.  (I also downloaded, er, Kyle downloaded, a bunch of snaps from my Mom's camera.)

Our Bedroom.

Our Bathroom.

You may notice a theme (well, not in the bathroom), but a lot of the window coverings in our home are, well, elaborate.  They are more formal and more structured than we would choose.  But, they are in good condition and function well.  So, for the time being, our window coverings include quite a few pom-poms (dining room and study), and a tad more pink than we prefer (our bedroom and the guest room).

1 comment:

  1. yes, i was noticing all of the frilly pink window coverings. you are smart to not just take them down right away - that is what we did and then we ended up not having window coverings in the living room for a long time because we quickly realized that the size was custom, and expensive.

    the house is looking great - it is fantastic that you could move in without having to do much work right away. hope you all have a nice weekend!