Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another First.

We are hunting for a new place to worship: a new (at least to us) church.

This past Sunday, we were first time visitors again.  We got Olive settled in the nursery.  It felt warm and comfortable.  She quickly found toys to play with and was entertained.  Kids in the next room were singing about Jesus and gobbling like turkeys.  No, I do not know how those two are related.  We left our info - including my cell phone number - with the nursery staff.

About mid-way ... or maybe more ... through the sermon, my phone buzzed.  I dashed to a hallway and picked up the call.

"Mrs. Thiel?"


"Miss Olive has decided that she would like to go home, NOW."

And with that, we gathered our belongings, were reunited with a tearful Miss Olive, and headed on about our Sunday.

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