Thursday, November 25, 2010


It seems like yesterday we were travelling to celebrate Thanksgiving in central Kansas with our Thiel family - and with our newborn baby girl.  I blinked, and it is a year later.  We are living in Houston, not St. Louis.  We are not traveling, and we are now marveling at the antics of our 16 month old.

The year whirled by.  Leaving impressions.

Of sadness and joy.  Of Friends and family.  Of change, stress, worry and, finally, rest.  New friends, new plans, new jobs.  The freedom to take big chances.  Shoulders to lean on and arms to catch us.  Love.  Blessing.  Ability.  Resourcefulness.  Peace.  Truth.  Grace.

We are thankful for our journey.  For everything and everyone it has brought into our lives. For the sour that makes the sweet that much more appealing. 

We are thankful to be blessed far beyond what we deserve.

We are thankful to be surrounded, near and far, by people who love us, think of us, pray for us and who are excited to hear from us, see us and spend time with us. 

(OK, more and more people are excited to spend time with Olive, but she is darn cute!)

We are thankful to have the opportunity to see what this next year brings our way.

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