Thursday, December 2, 2010


Olive had a cracker-jack Thanksgiving.  With so many wonderful friends and family around, she was never far from a loving hug, a mischevious grin, or a willing playmate.

She played Nativity with Dad and cousin Kate.

She danced (and danced and danced and danced) with Elmo.

She played with Grandma at the zoo.

She rode on our new glider with Grandpa.

She vegged out to Baby Einsteins with Kate.

I neglected to pack my camera for the weekend.  (After reminding myself several times.  Arg.)  These photos are from Russ and Rae.  (Thank you!!) I may add more, if I can convince the other photo takers to share!

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  1. Love the cutsie Turkey shirt for Thanksgiving! Too cute!