Thursday, May 19, 2011

Good Clean Fun for Kids - Kansas City

The Saturday morning that we spent in Kansas City, we went to the Deanna Rose farmstead.  This was a great morning trip for our crew - which included 4 children at or under 2, one child on the cusp of kindergarten, those children's parents (5 - one couldn't make it), those children's grandparents (4 of them) and one great-grandparent!  We were quite a sight.

The fees were very reasonable or free, the location was wide and spacious, and the exhibits were clean and well maintained.  It was an impressive operation - and we didn't see everything before naptime called.

A few photos:

Fun times in the wagon after petting some super sweet puppies.

Being coy around some chicks.

Hanging out with mom and watching the ducks paddle around the lake while other fish and feed the ducks.

Enjoying some shade time with Dad.

Wandering around the children's garden, listening to Grandma.

Enjoying a tour of the park with Grandpa at the helm and the family following along.

Practicing her sassy look.

Photo op with the cousins and grandparents - only part of our group for the day.

We had a great time!

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