Monday, June 6, 2011

A Birthday Party - San Antonio!

First things first.

I have no idea what happened to May.  I am still shocked to look at the corner of my computer and see a six.

One of the things that made May speed by so quickly was our travel.  We were in Kansas City for the first weekend, San Antonio the second, Dallas/Fort Worth the third and Cancun, Mexico the fourth. 

I wrote about KC.  Let's pick up in San Antonio.

We drove to San Antonio for a birthday party.  Our friend Miles turned 1!  Kyle and Michelle (Miles' Mom) worked together in Connecticut with Cesar Pelli.

We stopped by Trinity University while we were there; so, the trip was a brief walk down memory lane for me too.

However, it was our first time in San Antonio with our little one - which always makes life a little more challenging.

First - we enjoyed lunch at EZ's in Alamo Heights.  The food isn't haute cuisine, but the pizza's are tasty, the burgers are stacked and the onion rings really satisfied.  We resisted the milkshakes which I remember being super tasty.  Oh well. Also, we sat out on the patio.  The whole restaurant was super kid friendly, and it ended up being a great choice because Miss Olive wanted to stretch her legs after 3+ hours in the car.

After lunch we went to the party.  It was fabulous!!  We shouldn't have eaten lunch because Michelle's family made tons of super-tasty Thai food.  They had a great spread set up in their back yard.  Along with the food, there were tons of kids and lots of great people to chat with.  Matt (Miles' dad) and Michelle are really creative people and pulled off a lovely celebration for their little one.

(Yeah, I pilfered that photo from Michelle's blog, First 4 Miles.  It was too cute to pass up.  Check out the other photos.  Like I said.  They are a really creative couple!)

We ended up with some souvenir photos of our own:

Olive wasn't terribly keen on taking photos.

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