Monday, June 27, 2011

"The Circle of Life" or "Gosh Darn Squirrels"

Earlier this year we planted rosemary, pumpkins (by accident), tomatillos, small tomatoes, regular tomatoes, jalapenos, bell peppers and mint in our back garden.

The rosemary likes it there, and the mint is flourishing.  The pumpkins seem to come and go, but haven't yet gotten past blossom to squash stage.  The tomatillo is a full fledged bush, and the peppers are steady producers.

But I am still disappointed.  I have yet to enjoy a tomato from any of the three tomato plants in the back garden.  They flower, and the green tomatoes appear ... and then they're gone.

Recently, I happened to be looking out our bedroom window and pondering our little veggie garden when a squirrel plucked a big (but still green) tomato from one of the plants.  Then he scurried to his friend who was clasping what I can only assume was another one of OUR green tomatoes in its furry little paws.

The thing is ... I know that they need their food.  And, strangely, I don't begrudge them a tomato here or there ... but I sure would like to enjoy at least one sun-warmed, red tomato from our little garden.  But, the prospects for such a feast - or even a little snack - do not look good.


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