Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bike Riding - Houston!

We recently purchased a bike seat for Olive at a church garage sale.  Unfortunately, what was priced at "too good to be true" in fact was.  Fundamental parts were missing.  Replacing them fell into the "more trouble than it was worth" category, and the short-lived (at least for us) seat headed to recycle heaven.

We took our garage sale experience as a lesson:  Garage sales are not the ideal place to purchase items with many, easily lost, integral pieces.  We picked up a nearly identical child seat, still in its original packaging, from Academy. 

[Even the unused model wasn't a bad price - $50 give or take - for a summer or two of fun.  It accommodates children up to 40 lbs.  If we take Olive out regularly, it will even out to great fun and exercise for Kyle and me without a hefty gym fee!]

We also picked up a bike helmet for Miss Olive.  It isn't nearly as cute as her cousin Sophia's, but it does the job.

(Hi! Sweet Sophia! We love your bunny hat.)

Now some kids (apparently Sophia and another cousin, Charlie - who wears his bike helmet at recess) like wearing their bike helmets.  Olive does not.  She eyes it suspiciously.  She gives us dirty looks (and sometimes cries) when we put it on her head.

(I assure you.  There were no pins or shards of glass inside that helmet ... and we know that it fits her well.  She did resign herself to the bike helmet wearing requirement.  She may or may not poke her lower lip waaay out while having it put on.)

Our first ride was very (very, very) short.  We were interrupted by rain and (hopeful that it would continue and soak our parched lawn) returned home not 5 minutes after leaving.  Unfortunately, the rain decided to find more favorable lawns to soak, leaving about 2 minutes after we returned home and put away bikes.

However, now, our Little Miss seems to enjoy her some bike riding.  This past weekend we enjoyed our second (much longer) ride.  After Olive's Sunday afternoon nap, we saddled up and went peddling around the neighborhood.  She giggled and smiled and kicked Kyle and swayed to some songs (and then we stopped singing).  Kyle is still adjusting to the extra and different weight on his bike, but we all had a great time.

Next time we may try a picnic!

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