Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another wedding - Cancun!

After a few more work days, Kyle and I left Olive (yup, it wasn't the first time, but definitely the longest) and headed to Cancun, Mexico to celebrate the wedding of Keith Herman and Jamie Ross.

We stayed at a lovely resort outside of the city.

There were a ton of iguanas there!  We saw lots of them in the mornings sunning themselves (or darting back into the foliage after they'd been spotted).

Keith and Jamie were married on the beach.  It was a little warm, but the evening cooled off beautifully for the outdoor reception.

We had a wonderful, relaxing time.  We even enjoyed a lobster dinner outside!

We bucked convention and spent time in the shade whenever we could.  Unfortunately, we couldn't swim in the ocean (swift tides or some such).  But the pools were wonderful.  There was great company and very good food (and tasty frozen beverages).  It was wonderful! 

At the end of our time, we were more than ready to come home and hug our Olive.  I swear she grew three inches and gained a pound while we were gone!

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