Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Recently, my Dad suggested that we meet him one evening at his health club to eat dinner and take Olive swimming.  We jumped at the idea and went swimming with Dad and the Little Miss Monday night.
Growing up, Dad had a membership at the Houstonian.  There were two primary pools: a lap pool and the pool associated with the hotel.  They were great pools, and it was a nice facility.

However, in recent years, the club has grown and upgraded and the old facilities do not hold a candle to the new buildings and recently renovated pools the Houstonian now boasts.  We were very thankful for the invitation to enjoy the amenities!
The new lap pool looks cool (and I'm sure distance swimmers could tell you all about it).  The hotel pool is still lovely.  But the new 'resort' pool is just fabulous.
It includes a baby pool, a beach entry area with fountains, a hot tub, a deep area, large spaces of walkable (I'm not overly tall) water area, several areas with steps and low depth (that Olive enjoyed), and a super (but not too tall or scary) slide.

For Olive, the beach entry and the slide were clear hits.  She loved walking up the incline, out of the water and then back in ... over and over and over.

And the slide, whoa, the slide.  She just grinned and grinned and then stretched her arms toward it asking for more, more, more.

Oddly, one small girl thought it entertaining to drink pool water and spit it on Kyle (again and again).  Even more strangely, her on-looking mother said nothing.  I do not support spitting on strangers, but Kyle and I were both so surprised that we said nothing to the little spitter.  When Olive noticed, she walked over to Kyle and wiped off his arm.  Too cute!

Unfortunately, cameras and water do not mix, and I have no images to document the fun that was had.  Trust me.  It was wonderful.

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