Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Embracing the Pink.

Our house was built in the 60's and came to us in largely original condition.  We have aqua and pink vintage tile bathrooms to prove it.

Our pink bathroom is also our guest bathroom.  We racked our brains to find ways to "tone down" the pink.  And we probably could have gone for a chic pink and chocolate palette to accomplish the task.

But it just didn't fit.  We thought outside the box (a lot) and still nothing fit.

So, we decided to go with it ... to embrace our pink tile and decorate for a pink 'us' bathroom.  (If you know us, you know that starting with a blank slate, we are, um, ... unlikely ... to have chosen a pink tiled bathroom.  For many reasons.)

Then, on an outing for more hot glue supplies, I found THE fabric.

We immediately loved it.  And it coordinated beautifully with the pink of our tiles.  (Although, we decided that using the adorable animal print was a tad much.) 

Last weekend, adhering to my "straight line sewing rule", I put together a new shower curtain and a very simple window covering for our pink tile bathroom.  We love it.

(To be honest, I am becoming - even on straight line projects - good friends with my seam ripper.  As it turns out, I did not appropriately account for fabric shrinkage or fraying and the first 'finished' curtain was about 6" shy of standard length ... and we were hoping for slightly longer than that.  And, the little bit of ripple that I created in our window covering didn't float our boats, so a few more seams were ripped for a non-rippled covering  ... but .... ripping seams is fairly mindless and can be done even late at night cuddled with my Mr. in front of the TV.)

Now to finish the wallpaper removal!  (Yeah, I'll admit to picking at the wallpaper now and then.  It curls a little bit and then I can just hear it calling my name ... Kyle rolls his eyes a lot.)

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  1. Way to go! It's fabulous! I just love your creativity!