Friday, June 17, 2011

Curtains for Curtains on Curtin - Part II

I have previously posted that we don't care for the curtains in our current home.  They're not our style, and (even if they were) not much can hold up to sun damage, etc. for nigh on 50 years.  (OK, maybe not 50 years, but maybe 50 years ... have you seen the curtains in question?)


We have taken the tortoise route in putting a little bit of HKO into our home (and taking out a little bit of Old Lady Curtains).  (Yup.  I said OLC.  Those curtains are definitely older than we are.  Not that being older than we are makes you an Old Lady ... by itself.)

A few months ago, we took down the formal living room (now dining room) and dining room (now office playroom) curtains in exchange for white sheers and white wooden blinds.

In the kitchen and laundry room, where mini blinds were living beneath curtains, we removed the curtains and embraced the mini-blind-ness of life.

But those curtains lingered in our living room and the bed rooms.  (And since we're turtles around here, they still linger in Olive's room and the guest room.  One step at a time folks.)

This week we replaced this:

With this:

And this:

With this:

The walls still need some touch up (and that paneling needs a nice coat of lightly colored paint), but we are very happily champions in this part of our continuing quest to rid our home of OLC.

(In a twist that not everyone may understand, many of these rooms may acquire curtains in the future, as we find and hang curtains that coordinate with and enhance our decor.  I know, not everything we do makes sense to everyone.  We've come to terms with that.)

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  1. there go your chances to have some victorian plays in that room. those pink curtains were MADE for some sort of theater!! love watching the rooms transform; what a big job!