Thursday, June 9, 2011

Good Clean Fun - Houston!

We did have a few spare moments in Houston during the month of May.  One afternoon, we took Olive to the Wabash Feed Store.  It was a great time!

They carry all sorts of wonderful things, including rabbits, puppies, chickens and roosters (and plants and fresh eggs and all sorts of cool doo-dads).  Olive had a blast exploring.

She and Kyle enjoyed some rabbits.

And Olive really loved the chickens (and chicks and roosters). 

When she turned the corner to find these chickens, she shouted, "CHICKENS!!!  CHICKENS!!!," with such excitement that Kyle and I almost died laughing.

It was great to find a free (!!) place, er, wonderland, to enjoy with our almost two-year old.  (By the by, I cannot believe that I just typed the phrase "almost two-year old".)

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