Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our Friend "mElmo"

We generally spend some portion of Saturday mornings watching Sesame Street with Miss Olive.  She enjoys the puppets and gets especially excited when "mElmo" comes on the screen.

We snapped this photo last Saturday.

Her expression makes me smile.  I think the look says something like "Why are you snapping photos during mElmo?"

Also, we went to a toy store this weekend to pick up a gift for my (second?) cousin Evelyn's first birthday.  (She is my cousin's daughter.  I think that makes her my second cousin. ??  Regardless, fun party.)  While in the store, Olive found the book section and enjoyed 'reading' while I shopped.  There were lots of great books for kids.  The one Olive brought me to read? It had an image of Elmo on the cover. 

"mElmo Mommie?"

Fun times.

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