Friday, March 4, 2011

Probably of no interest to you, but fun for us.

This morning, I went into Olive's room to extract her from her crib.

She lifted her arms. (Olive "speak" for "pick me up.")

Then, she put her hand on her hip.  (Olive "speak" for "I need a new diaper.")

Then, she lifted her arms again.

I asked, "Would you like a clean diaper?"

She rubbed her chest.  (Alternately, Olive "speak" for "please" and "bath."  I went with "please.")

It isn't unusual that Olive would need a new diaper after a long night.  In fact, it is downright standard.  But asking for it (other than a few times when we ask, "Do you need a new diaper?") is new.

We aren't starting potting training yet.  (Goodness, there are enough things going on in our lives right now!)  But this little development is definitely a good step in that direction.

Yep.  I believe this is my first post about dirty diapers.

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