Friday, July 22, 2011

A discovery.

I am knee deep in wall paper removal.  Olive's bathroom is slowly being freed of its white floral wrap.

No.  I am not posting in-progress photos of the wall paper removal.  It is nasty work.  And I'm not great at it.

(Sometimes chunks of wall come off while I'm trying to scratch away wallpaper glue.  We used the internet for how to's, and we went to Lowe's for supplies and more instructions.  I have come to terms with the fact that wallpaper removal will not be a new addition to my resume.)

But.  We knew that the white floral wallpaper was, well, too white and floral to be original.

I found a good amount of the old paper under the mirror.

It isn't our style, but I kind of like it. 

1 comment:

  1. ugh, wallpaper. i wish i had good advice for you on the best way to remove it, but the process was different for just about every room in the house. good luck, try not to go crazy!!