Monday, July 18, 2011

Her Own Personal Jukebox.

Olive loves music in the car. 

More than music, she loves singing in the car.  (Kyle pretends he doesn't hear her, and he's generally not part of the sing-a-long.  I am often the lone voice, singing near the top of my lungs like a crazy woman.)

The repertoire of songs Olive knows and can request is growing.

She started out with (a very, very repetitive), "Twinkle, Mommy, Twinkle."

But now Twinkle is past its prime.  "Twinkle, Olive?"  "No, Mommy. Ccc's"

And then we sing the ABC's.

Or, "Baa, Mommy, Baa."  Then Baa, Baa Black Sheep comes from my lips.

Sometimes a good CD, or Pandora streamed through the speakers will suffice.

(The wonder that is Pandora recently pulled up "18-Wheels on a Big Rig" by Trout Fishing in America.  I was rolling for the roman numeral count!! This link to a full version just might work.)

This afternoon Miss Olive wanted nothing to do with canned music from the car speakers.  However, she couldn't make up her mind which song we should sing.

"Twinkle?  No. ... Baaa?  No.  ... Ccc's? No.  ... How about? ... Happy?  No. ..."

This went on for a good five minutes.  Thank goodness that she decided on a song before we burst out laughing.  I know it would have hurt her feelings for us to laugh, but it was stinkin' funny.

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