Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Festive Crafting.

I've seen a ton of cute wreaths over the past several months.  Some were store bought, others handmade, but each added festivity to the doors it graced. 

With wreaths on the brain, I employed some Google-Fu and found quite a few cute ones for sale.  I also found a ton of tutorials for do-it-yourself wreaths, and I was totally intrigued.

Two of my creations are currently adorning our home.  I think they work for all of the patriotic holidays: Memorial Day, Arbor Day (not sure why that one's patriotic, but go with it), July 4th ... possibly Labor Day?

The first is a rag wreath.  I bought a bigger form than I should have, and, thus, I used a ton more fabric than I intended.  I really liked an online tutorial for the basics (except I can't seem to find it now - basically, you tie lots of fabric strips on a wire wreath frame) ... and I embellished it with fabric rosettes from this tutorial and this tutorial.  My only complaint is that the fabric droops a bit after several days (er, now weeks) on display in the Houston humidity.  Still, a little fluffing makes everything good, and I think it looks cheery regardless! 

(Note: the photo is of the wreath in an un-fluffed state.)

The next wreath is a twist on this tutorial.  I started using ribbon strips around the sides and back of the wreath (as the tutorial instructs) but ended up just wrapping the rest fully in ribbon.  For me, the strips weren't saving as much of my supplies as they were causing frustration as it cut and applied beau coups de ribbon strips.  I used cotton for my circles (instead of felt) and I used a pretty deliberate, *cough* uber-picky *cough*, fold/ruffle/pin method for their application.  This wreath strikes me as a tad more understated than the first, but I think it is my favorite of the two. 

I did make another wreath, but I'm saving its debut for Olive's birthday party!

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