Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wrapping Up.

Somehow, it is the 12th of January, and I am just now wrapping up our Christmas rundown.

Technically, I left one of our Christmas celebrations out - #4.  We spent boxing day with Julie, Blake, Chad, Emily, and Kate.  It is the one celebration of which I have no photographic record.  Arg! 


Olive discovered candy canes this Christmas.  She calls them, "candy candy."  Because she spits them out as soon as she puts them in her mouth, I'm pretty sure she doesn't like them.  I'm also pretty sure she keeps trying them, because she thinks--with a name like that--they must be twice as good as regular candy. 


And, finally, Olive has started skipping around our house, "like horsey."  It totally cracks us up. 

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