Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Olive's Bathroom - The Yellow Period.

Not too terribly long ago, we removed the wallpaper in Olive's bathroom and painted the walls a very light pink.  (See our post about that.)

When the painting was finally complete, we knew almost immediately that it wasn't our favorite ... but it was a heck of a lot better than the wallpaper.  More us.

Kyle rolled with it.  I obsessed a bit.  And I trooped out to a local paint store to pick up a test pot of the same color paint we used for most of our home in St. Louis.

Kyle shook his head, and humored me.  I made a test square in the bathroom.  Decided that I preferred it to the pink (ya, know, slightly), and bought us a gallon of the paint in proper bathroom sheen.

Then I got distracted.  With, you know, the other things going on in our lives and everyone else's.  And months passed.  Seriously, months.

With Christmas travel behind us, we took a few evenings recently to paint the walls in Olive's bathroom with two coats of yellow paint.

Ta. Da.

So, it is pretty subtle.  (Well, except when my camera skilz make things appear a little more sunny than they actually are.)

Kyle calls it, "Pastel," which -of course- it is, but he has an inflection that I know means, "Pastel," isn't a good thing for him.  (For me, it is neither good nor bad, just lightly colored.)  In some lights, the yellow has a bit more green in it that we prefer.  But, with all of the bathroom accessories loaded, we like it. 

(I know that I like it more than Kyle does.  And, he has on more than one occasion told me, "It is OK.  It works.  I'm just not painting the bathroom again."  Which really means, "Heather, don't go getting any more crazy ideas.  And, certainly, for goodness' sake, don't go buying any more paint for that room."  To be honest, I have never heard Kyle use the phrase, "goodness' sake," anywhere except in my head.)

And one more picture.

Both Olive's bathroom and our bathroom have lovely 1960's-era tile, and both have coordinating bands of this twisty-gold/bronze accent.  Most of the time, we pretend it isn't there.  The human brain is a powerful thing.  More and more (except when I'm taking photos in the bathrooms), I don't even notice it is there.


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