Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Bathroom.

I've delayed (and delayed and delayed) posting this photo, because, in person, the results aren't quite what we hoped for.  But, looking at this photo now, it doesn't look so bad.  And, it is a lot more 'us' than it was when we moved in.

Still, I will sum up.
First, paint helps, but it doesn't work miracles.  The light pink tone we selected reads almost white and just doesn't help warm the room up.  As light and almost white as it is, it is a little cooler tone than we prefer. 

Second, the pop of color we added to our mirrors is very pop-py.  We aren't totally sold on it.  So, we learned that mirrors don't work miracles either.  (Although, it helps if you hang the mirrors properly.  We spent some time wondering if the newly painted mirrors were in fact the same size before we pulled out our handy-dandy measuring device to confirm that we didn't hang them quite right.)   

Third, we really aren't fans of the pink tile.  A few tweaks to the room help, but the real change won't come until we have saved our pennies and agreed to demolish the tile. 

After all that, we are considering a warmer, yellow paint color.  Maybe yellow paint will be just the miracle we need.

Maybe not.  :) 

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  1. i think it looks really nice! great job! we have the same problem with our bathroom (and blue tile) although we do not have as much tile as you! the mirrors are fun :-)