Monday, September 19, 2011

A (Very Late) Present and A Little Bit of Craftiness.

Olive's birthday was almost two months ago, and I purchased her birthday present at least two months before her birthday.  But, we didn't give it to her until last week.

I found a cute doll house/book case on Craigslist.  It was much less than the cute one Pottery Barn sold at the time.  Unfortunately, it was painted a variety of ice-cream-sherbet-flavor colors.  Still, I purchased it and planned to paint over the sherbet-y goodness.

The project itself did not take that much time.  I just took a long time to get around to it.  (Not that I have any really good excuses.) 

I opted for a clean, simple color-scheme.  White house, bright blue roof and trim.  Santorini in a peaked-roof dollhouse, if you will. :)

Olive totally loves it.

It is fun to see her understand the purposes of each furniture piece.  She knows her 'lady' sleeps in the bed (front left of the photo), and sometimes Olive twists herself onto the floor and puts her head on the bed, declaring, "Sleepy." 

It doesn't quite fit in its current location, but we are contemplating a furniture fruit-basket-turnover.  Maybe it will fit better in the near-ish future.

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  1. what a fun project! it looks really cute!

    did you know you can buy a dollhouse sized eames lounge chair?