Thursday, September 22, 2011


We are having a great time with the Little Miss lately.  She totally cracks us up.  We may not be the most impartial judges, but we'll share a couple of stories anyway!


Olive recently developed a habit of waking up earlier than normal (for her) by about one+ hour.  For the most part, she discovers that her binky fell out of her mouth (and then out of her crib in the night) and expresses displeasure. 

(This all started about when we took her bumper out of the crib in preparation for the transition to toddler bed.  Now the binky can freely fall through the crib rails without the bumper reigning it in.  Boo.)

Not sure what to do, but knowing that she (and we) could use the extra sleep, we decided to bring her the binky, remind her that it is still sleep time, and then leave. 

On the morning of this procedure's maiden voyage, Olive woke up early.  I went in, gave her the missing binky, and told her it was still sleep time.  She quieted, and I left.

Ten minutes later.  Olive started crying.  I went in, gave her another binky, reminded her that it was still sleep time, and left the room.

Ten minutes later. (Fun times, no?)  Olive started crying. I went in, but she had one binky in her mouth and another in her hand.  I reminded her that it was still sleep time, and asked her what she was doing and was she ok.

Without any hint of tears or sadness in her voice, Olive responded,

"I crying Mameee.  I crying."

I managed to contain my laughter until I was outside of the room.

[Post Edit - Because I re-read this and realized that perhaps the funny wasn't appropriately communicated.  My bad.  Still, I'll add some explanation. - First, Olive told me she was crying in the same tone she might have used to say, "I am eating pizza, Mommy."  So, I laughed not because she was upset, but because she was clearly not upset.  Second, I did suggest to Olive that perhaps, rather than crying, she could sing some songs for the duration of sleep time, if she did not want to rest.  She said, "OK," and was then silent for the duration of her sleep time.] 


Olive is learning to dress herself.  Shirts are hard, but she is (kind of) getting the hang of pants, skirts and shorts. 

Generally, she doesn't stop pulling them up when she reaches what would be for most a comfortable waist or hip level.  I frequently watch her pull the waist band clean up to her armpits.  I wince, but I enjoy her pride in having done it herself.  High fives and big grins are exchanged.

One evening recently, Olive decided to 'sit potty' and read a few books.  This is not an uncommon activity for us.  (We're still letting the potty be a comfortable place, and are not putting any pressure on her or us to move things along quite yet.) 

Tonight, however, Olive sat for a few moments.  Then, she stood and pulled her pants up from around her ankles to her favorite high-waisted stopping point.  (I tried to get her to take the pants off when she sat, but, when she responded with wails of "Maaa Paaaants!", I decided it wasn't a battle worth fighting.)

Then she declared, "I sit potty," pulled the pants back down and sat on the potty.

For about 10 seconds. 

Then, she stood up and repeated the whole process. 

Again.  And again.  And again.  And again.

I think she took her pants off and on about 30 times.  (It felt like 300, and, near the end, I was totally surpressing my giggles.) 

She is becoming more and more proficient at getting the pants over her little bum.  I suppose practice does make perfect.  (I sure hope so, because those wedgies she gives herself cannot be comfortable.)

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