Friday, September 9, 2011

The Bathroom. Still.

The wallpaper is finally down.  Kyle even filled all of the scars I put in the sheetrock.  Even our painting is nearly complete.  (Only two small patches are needing re-sanding and re-painting.  The walls and ceiling?  Done.  The cabinets?  We opted out of painting cabinetry this time.) 

Ah, what color did we choose?  The name is something like Pink Sea Salt.  Which really means white with a whisper of pink.  A very whispery whisper.  (I mean, not for the ceiling, that is pure white ... but in the right light you can't really tell the difference.) 

We replaced our standard, rectangular, vintage mirror with two almost square framed ones ... the frames need painting (because we aren't grooving on the gold tone they currently boast), but they are hung.  The window covering and shower curtain are still hanging around in the guest room ... until the painting is 100% complete.  They will make their way back to the bathroom soon.

We DIY at a snail's pace to be sure.  But the progress feels (and looks) good.

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