Thursday, February 23, 2012

Not an artist, but ... Nothing broke.

Quite a few of Olive's friends have celebrated birthdays recently.  I try to get Olive to as many of the parties as we can reasonably attend.  First, we want her to make and develop friendships - and learn to make and develop friendships.  Second, Kyle and I enjoy making and developing our own friendships with the other parents.  Third, we are taking lots of notes for Olive's birthday later this year. 

One recent party was held at a ceramics studio in town.  (To say that I was worried about owing the studio for more than a few broken pieces is an understatement.)  Olive is two.  She isn't great at sitting still.  She loves to jump (and jump and jump and jump), and, generally, she's running or walking "like horsey."  Walking feet are not her favorite.

Still, for the company (and the painting, Olive LOVES to paint and color), we opted in for this party.  (And for the invitation.  When I opened the red invitation emblazoned with strawberries, Olive was immediately head over heals.)

All in all, it was a great time.  Olive painted and (more or less) sat still.  She loved seeing her friends, and I made a few new acquaintences.  We didn't break anything, and (other than her hands) Olive walked away paint free.  (Not that I did ...) 

We haven't seen the final result of Olive's owl mug painting endeavor. I know it won't be a world-renouned masterpiece, but ... we will use it with love!

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