Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Trike Time.

It has been an odd few weeks.

We are still under drought conditions.  BUT.  We've gotten a lot of rain--enough to make everything feel soggy and damp.  (And enough to recently put the city on a flood watch.  The weather folks warned of the flood watch - because the ground is/was saturated - while also reminding us that the drought is not over and we still need to be mindful of our use.  All true, but a bit weird to hear together.)

BUT.  When it isn't raining, the weather has been fan-tab-u-lous.

We've enjoyed a few bike outtings. During which we discovered that Olive has already outgrown the bike helmet we purchased for her last year. (Spring? Summer?  I don't recall.)  A trip to purchase a new, properly sized helmet was in order.


We found some kid-sized helmets.  And, eventually, convinced Olive to try several on.  We finally narrowed the selection to a lady-bug helmet (with antennae) and a cat helmet (with ears and a nose).  The kitty cat won.

A few Sundays ago, Olive spent some post-nap, afternoon time riding up and down the driveway.  We both had a ball.

(It is an iPhone photo, and the clarity isn't great.  BUT.  You can see the cute kitty cat helmet.  The Hello Kitty bell that Olive LOVES.  Her pink and purple trike, which is getting a work out these days.  AND.  The bright green crocs that I bought on a whim, but which Olive would wear all day, every day, if we permitted her to do so.)

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